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I know it’s been a while but here we are with a beautiful visual of our recent West Maui Coffee Tour. I was asked by Stephanie Hua of @lickmyspoon to share our West Maui Coffee Tour. She was here for the Kapalua Food and Wine festival and she will feature us on her blog. It was a gorgeous day at Piliani Kope Farm with Greg Stille. Susy was busy with another group tour so we coordinated our private tour with Greg and received an in- depth educational tour on coffee from field to cup. We sampled cacao straight from the pod.
My guests were thrilled to tromp through the field with Greg learning about perma culture and sustainable farming practices on a two-acre organic coffee farm. Stephanie’s husband David @Hua was blown away by the view and how Greg uses plants to aerate the soil and funnel water and nutrients to the coffee roots. Every plant has its purpose to work symbiotically  either by attracting bees to pollinate the coffee flowers or to nourish the soil.
After a lovely lunch prepared by Whole Foods Market Kahului and fresh Papaya from our garden, MauiGold pineapple from @KulaFields we headed up to the barn to roast coffee. Stephanie bagged coffee and labeled the finished product as David filmed the experience. I filmed them. They were lovely and Greg Stille is an amazing man with a passion for growing coffee and the entire process. Greg is also president of the Maui Coffee Association. He and Susy have created  a beautiful farm that everyone who wants to get closer to the land on Maui should experience.

Kanaka Kope Coffee

Greg Stille and Stephanie Hua

After Piliani Kope Farm we traveled to the amazing five hundred acre Ka`anapali Coffee Estate and as you’ll see in the video above, it is huge in comparison to the intimate family farm but also a great adventure to see acres and acres of coffee growing above the resorts of Ka`anapali Beach. Just minutes away from the ocean you can be at 600 ft. amid thousands of coffee trees. MauiGrown Coffee is sold all over the world in 100 lb. bags ready to roast.  We visited Jeff Ferguson at the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store by the big old Pioneer Mill Tower. You can’t miss it in Lahaina.


So if you want to experience an amazing, beautiful tour call us at 808 283-9131

In the fall at the first full moon we’ll be harvesting coffee at Piliani Kope Farm.


~ Marilyn



5 thoughts on “Maui Coffee is happening!

  1. Marilyn

    Ladies, I’ve been loving good coffee most of my life. To taste fresh picked, dried and pure 100% MauiGrown Coffee is so amazing in flavor… Funny thing I had quit drinking my morning coffee about two months ago. I broke down at Piliani Kope Farm and had six small cups… Soooo Ono, even black. Love it with a good cookie. Now I’m back to my Chai Tea and an occasional 100% Maui coffee. Love it. Thanks for visiting my page and commenting. <3
    Marilyn recently posted..Maui Coffee is happening!

  2. Tania

    Looks beautiful and so peaceful. I used to audit many coffee farmers and wholesalers back in the day and loved visiting the source. Haven’t made it out there yet but one day, hopefully soon.

    Wonderful pictures Marilyn (as usual!).


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