About Us

Hi. I’m Marilyn Jansen Lopes, owner of Maui Country Farm Tours. I first arrived on Maui in the seventies. I’m a registered nurse and an artist who loves Hawai`i with a passion. I wrote The Amaryllis of Hawaii series.  I met and fell in love with a local Portuguese guy in the 90’s. We got married and after 12 years together we created Maui Country Farm Tours.

Me and Rick at Mama’s Fish House

My husband Rick was born and raised on Maui in Hali`i maile. He remembers the old days well, when the various areas of Maui were called The Camps. These are where the workers of the pineapple and sugar cane industry lived. He loves to hang out with the old folks, talking story, eating saimin and reminiscing about a simpler time on Maui.  He will tell you the stories of old Maui as we take you on a journey to the country, up the mountain Haleakala. With a gift of gab, a sense of humor and love for the land, Rick and I will share the agricultural beauty and bounty of Maui with you. We look forward to a wonderful ride in our beautiful 8 seat Tour bus or our 15 passenger vans.

This is one of the most beautiful places on earth. In the waters surrounding Maui where three islands create a protected marine sanctuary the Humpback whales come to give birth to their babies.

From Kula you can see for miles and the two coastlines of Maui.On the slopes of Haleakala you’ll see many flower farms, vegetable farms and onion farms.  We’ll make sure you enjoy the ride with us so you’ll want to return again and again.

Call us at 808 283-9131 to plan your tour.

Custom Private Tours are available too if you want the van all to yourself.

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