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Maui Agriculture is Happening

Silver leaf Protea view2013-02-26 14.44.56We love sharing Maui’s Agricultural Beauty. What’s not to love? We get to be out on our beautiful island enjoying the beauty as we share our passion and love for this place with people from all over the world. Maui is such a beautiful place to live. The land is rich in culture and beauty all year round. Soon the big surf and humpback whales will arrive. In December, that is… As the summer winds down and kids are back to school we are celebrating the bounty of Hawaii with many events all over the island. On any given day you’ll find so much to do but especially weekends on Maui. Each Friday has a special event in one of our towns. Saturdays you might find five different events including Farmer’s Markets all over the island. See the Edible Hawaiian Islands Farmers Market Guide for all islands.

If you want to get close to the land and learn about the farms on Maui, go meet the farmers at the markets. There are over 800 farmers on Maui. Not all farms are ready for Ag-Tourism but they are ready to sell their goods at the farmers markets and various restaurants and stores of our island. We love to buy local honey, fresh eggs, lettuces, tomatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, string beans, lilikoi, (passionfruit), asparagus, coffee and flowers. There are musicians at the Up Country Farmer’s Market on Saturday Morning too. You can always find delicious savory and sweet pastries by Barbara and Chris of SoMoore. (You always want some more). You never know what to expect. One day might have a pop-up restaurant from Honolulu visiting like Pig and The Lady serving Vietnamese Food.

Coffee is happening right now on Maui. There are over one hundred members of the Maui Coffee Association with some growing only two trees like us, others with over three hundred trees. Each area has a different climate. The award winning Keokea Coffee Growers are just finishing their harvest while West Maui growers are into the fall harvest. We love to do the seed-to-cup experience on our West Maui Coffee Tours. 2012-09-03 11.35.072012-09-02 10.21.40

Kaanapali Fresh is happening again August 30, 31. It starts Friday evening with “Mixology” and a progressive farm-to-table dinner in Kaanapali Beach with entertainment by Jake Shimabukuro. Saturday morning features a Beach side farmer’s Market and Coffee Tour with lunch on a gorgeous estate in the middle of five hundred acres of coffee trees. The evening celebrates Food and wine with entertainment by Amy Hanaiali`i Gilliam and Makana. Get your tickets here.

If you want an experience of a lifetime in the country on Maui including entertainment too, call me!

808 283-9131 We will personalize a tour for you… See the tours Up-Country Farm Tours, West Maui Coffee Tours, Private Tours, All day tours or half day tours morning or afternoon. Ladies want to see  gardens and flowers we will design a beautiful day with lavender tea or coffee and scones for you.

Farmers let us know what interests you. There are over five thousand head of cattle at Ulupalakua Ranch plus elk, sheep and goats. Maui is small but so diverse in its agriculture. Come enjoy the beauty of Maui on a country farm tour.

MauiGrown Coffee at Ka`anapali

The famed Maui Mokka, Red Catuai (Cat-Y-ee), and Yellow Caturra


We’ll be sampling these coffee cherries on the farm tour at K`aanapali Fresh “A Culinary Experience” Saturday September 1, 9 AM- 12PM


I’ll be giving the history of coffee from its origin in Ethiopia and migration to Yemen where it was first cultivated over a thousand years ago. Do you know how coffee was discovered?


That’s Jeff Ferguson above pictured next to a coffee harvester. It’s amazing how the rods spin among the coffee branches to shake the cherries loose where they fall into a hopper and an elevator takes them to the top to be transported by trailer to the mill.


It’s an amazing story of betrayal, love and legends that have been made about whole crops being destroyed and a single plant creating the future plants of all Central America, Brazil and Hawaii.


Maui is making history this very moment with our developing region of Ka`anapali where four varieties of coffee that are perfectly suited to the hot, dry conditions of West Maui are thriving. The Maui Mokka, Red Catuai, Yellow Caturra and Typicas, Progeny 502 and 6661 are thriving because of the efforts of James “Kimo” Falconer bringing the coffee plants back to health since they were abandoned in 2001 and left only on continuous irrigation.


It’s very exciting to delve deeper into the history of coffee. As I study the information I’m taken on a journey from Ethiopia where coffee is native, 50 miles away across the Red Sea to Yemen where coffee was first cultivated. From Yemen coffee Arabica was taken to the Dutch East Indies in the 1690’s where coffee plants were smuggled out of Arabia Felix (the ancient name for Yemen which means “fortunate Arabia” named for its fertile area). The Port of Al Mokha is actually what the Mokka is named after. The region of its birthplace is Ethiopia but today the Mokka variety is grown in Yemen at 10,000 feet. On Maui it does well at 500 feet above sea level in Ka`anapali.


The single coffee plant that barely survived the journey was brought to the New World by a French Army officer to a Martinique plantation and that plant produced the seeds and cuttings that would produce coffee in the Caribbean, Central America, South America and eventually Hawai`i.


I love how a French Lieutenant wanted some beans from the Governor of French Guiana ( in South America ) but was turned down, so he sweet talked the Governor’s wife who gave him the beans. Brazil became the producer of a third of the world’s coffee due to the favorable climate.


Thirteen hundred years later coffee comes full circle when it returned to Africa via the newly built Uganda Railway to Kenya. White settlers were encouraged to plant and Nairobi became a coffee growing area with Mombasa as the major port.


If you’re not signed up for the Ka`anapali Fresh Farm Tour see the link at Ka`anapaliFresh. We’ll be making several stops in the various fields at Ka`anapali Coffee Estate, tasting coffee cherries, meeting the man who made it possible, James “Kimo” Falconer, filming, photographing, then passing through the coffee mill for an overview of the processing from cherries being washed, pulped, dried, sorted and prepared for
export in 100 lb. bags of green beans. If you miss our tour you can visit the Farmers Market 7-11 at The Whalers Village in Ka`anapali.


It’s going to be a beautiful, agricultural morning, from seed to cup and we’ll be having wonderful light refreshments  at the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store where guests will be exploring the historical smoke stack, the original sugar cane train, photos of the old Pioneer Mill, sampling MauiGrown Coffee on the Lanai and viewing the story of coffee inside where they can purchase and ship green, roasted, whole beans and ground 100 % MauiGrown coffee.


It’s so exciting to be a part of history in the making. I look forward to seeing you and sharing Ka`anapali’s Agricultural Beauty.


~ Marilyn

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Marilyn Jansen Lopes http://mauicountryfarmtours.com
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MauiGrown Coffee Kaanapali Roast

Getting ready to share Kaanapali’s Agricultural Beauty at #KFreshMaui on Saturday, September 1, 2012 9-Noon


We’re hosting the Farm tour for 50 people, mostly media persons who have come to write about the Ka’anapali Fresh Culinary Event.
James “Kimo” Falconer is responsible for resurrecting the farm and establishing the brand “MauiGrown Coffee” in 2003. He’ll be on the farm to meet everyone on the tour.


Can’t wait to get Into the field and see the coffee trees ripe for harvest. We’ll be sampling coffee cherries in the Maui Mokka section of the Kaanapali Coffee Estates. Maui Mokka is gaining world wide recognition.


These are coffees packaged and ready to ship at the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store in Lahaina by the famous Old Pioneer Mill Smokestack.


There are four types of coffee grown on the 500 acre coffee estate. Red Catuai, Yellow Caturra, Typica and Mokka.


The tour is nearly sold out and we’re thrilled to be a part of Kaanapali Fresh a Culinary Event. It’s all about the culture, food, farms and coffee. After touring the Coffee Estates and climbing up to the viewing platform for photos overlooking all of Kaanapali we’ll head to the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store to get an overview of the mill where the coffee is processed, then sample coffees, shop, see the behind the scenes story of coffee and enjoy wonderful refreshments on the lanai and in the shade by the Old Pioneer Sugar Mill landmark. Sitting there you feel a touch of old Maui. It’s really nice…


Hope to see you in Ka’anapali…


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808 280-1621


Marilyn Jansen Lopes