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Lavender ~ What We Love About It

Spanish Lavender at AKL MAui

   The thought of lavender conjures images of purple fields sloping on a mountain looking out to the sea…

   The feeling is relaxation, one of lavender’s most potent properties. It directly affects the central nervous system. The benefits of lavender are more than wonderful.

  Just being near acres of lavender, drinking a blend of lavender mint tea surrounded by others enjoying the beauty, is a serene place to rest the soul and spirit.

  Learning that lavender is a natural antiseptic, disinfectant, bug repellent, that can heal cuts and scrapes, burns, insect bites and stings, has healing and moisturizing properties to the skin are the multiple benefits of lavender.
A day at the lavender farm leaves me with images of flowers, scenic vistas, pathways with flora and fauna, scents and textures of geraniums, protea, macadamia, ferns, avocado, bonsai, Ohia Lehua, allyssum, nasturtium, bamboo, hydrangea, rosemary in a woven tapestry painting in my mind.

Scenic view from Akl Maui
  Whatever anxiety of the world might have been with me is released into the infinite air and what lingers is lavender and beauty and thankfulness… thinking what can I do to give back as they have done here at Ali`i Kula Lavender.
                                                                         Tell me, what do you love about lavender?

Come join us for a walking tour, lavender tea and scones as part of our Up-Country Farm Tour.

  ~ Marilyn
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Plant a garden… Dream a Farm

Gardening in the shadeHere at Maui Country Farm Tours we visit the farms on Maui. It is so beautiful and inspiring to meet with farmers and learn about Maui’s agricultural beauty. We hope to inspire many young people on Maui to pursue a dream in agriculture contributing to the future of Hawaii. The land is changing and small farms are needed to provide food and products for the island and the world. We love to share the beauty and I want to be a part of this future dream of sustainable living on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Please see our farm tours page to learn about all the farms we visit. Inspired by Ali`i  Kula Lavender Kula Country Farms and many other farmers of Maui like Greg and Susy Stille of  Piliani Kope Coffee Farm I long to create my own special place.

Gardens are like children. They need nurturing and love but once established they do well on their own.

I learned about gardening by just getting started. As a young girl I collected images of old English garden posters. I loved the cottages that looked so dreamy and full of flowers like antique roses, delphiniums, canterbury bells, foxgloves and irises overflowing from gardens with paths leading to enchanting storybook houses.
 I knew nothing about gardening when I began at the age of twenty five. I want to share this so you know that one can start anytime in their life to enjoy the gifts of gardening.
organic comfrey
When houseplants were the rage in the seventies, (a revival of Victorian times) my father didn’t want dirt in the house so I began to plant outside. I became obsessed with planting because obviously I was born for it. I found such joy digging in the earth and watching things grow. I hope to share this joy with you.
I purchased seeds and followed the instructions on the packages. I knew nothing about soil and nutrients and enriching with compost until I met a friend who turned me on to Organic Gardening magazine. It was then I knew I would always be an organic gardener because I could never use chemicals that could harm animals or human beings and cause cancer.
My first soil was sandy. My first flowers were zinnias, that grew on skinny unhealthy stems almost tipping over with the weight of the huge flower heads. The next flowers were gorgeous heavenly blue morning glories that surprised us every morning when we looked out the window on a gray California morning to see hundreds of heavenly blue flowers clustered at the top of a vine. They were gorgeous and I was hooked on gardening. I began to prepare my soil in raised beds of a wall next to our fence. I added big bags of potting soil to the sandy earth and mixed in compost. I planted carrots and California poppies to create a lacy look experimenting with flowers and vegetables mixed together. As an artist I always designed with color and texture in my mind. Later I would learn about succulents, drought resistant ice plants, ground coverings and vegetables.

Heavenly Blues
After thirty years of gardening and planting everywhere I’m dreaming of a small farm on a hillside overlooking Kaho`olawe, Lanai and West Maui. I really want to grow lettuces, beans, carrots, beets, citrus, cabbages, onions, tomatoes, peas, asparagus and herbs of all kinds. I see them in curved rows and various areas with pathways leading to hidden flower gardens with cutting beds, succulent gardens, trellises for roses. There will be fences for lilikoi vines and row upon row of papaya trees and palms that could line a drive. I could grow coffee too. I will grow native plants and have experts to teach the growing, propagation and uses for these plants.
 Maui Kitchen Garden
I’m imagining visitors coming from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful gardens and products created from the fruits, vegetables and flowers all grown on Maui.
For now I continue on our half-acre in my small plots here and there and will share the journey with you as I prepare my new raised beds and grow lots of food. Last year in my 10 x 12 foot garden I grew amazing varieties of lettuce, cabbage, kale, mesclun mix, onions, chives, basils, tomatoes, Hawaiian chili peppers, snap peas, string beans, daikon, zinnias, cosmos, morning glories, small carrots and all organically of course. I rarely have pests because I create healthy environments for my gardens by companion planting and first of all making a nice healthy soil.
 Organic Romaine
There are many methods of gardening and you hear a lot about the no till style of layering ingredients that decompose on their own (lasagna gardening) but I have always preferred to dig my dirt a foot deep, mix in compost and organic nutrients to prepare my soil. This has worked well for me. Up-country Maui has nice earth rich in nutrients and the cool nights are wonderful for lettuce and cabbages. We have year round beautiful weather but still subtle changes that are better for winter and summer crops.
organic bibb lettuce
Please follow my newsletter for more elaboration on the gardens and information on a Native plant each month.
What will you grow?


10 Things to do in 2012

Hi everyone,

It’s a brand new year and all I want to do is slow down and get into my country life on Maui.

I plan to continue our Up-Country Farm Tours to Kula Country Farms, Ali`i Kula Lavender, Surfing Goat Dairy and Maui’s Winery and visit as many farms as possible to film and share with you. I’d like to offer private tours to hidden farms on Maui and invite you to imagine a simply elegant place with white linen, fresh cut flowers, fresh picked locally grown food prepared for you on a mountain overlooking the sea. Sip mamaki iced tea and learn about native plants of Hawaii.

We’d love to take you to Piliani Kope Coffee Farm in Lauiniupoko for a seed-to-cup experience then onto the Ka`anapali Coffee Farms to experience the amazing 180 acre coffee farm which provides the beans for the MauiGrown Coffee now gaining notoriety throughout the world. It’s a gorgeous scenic drive just minutes away from busy Lahaina town. For those that like to be escorted we’ll take you in comfort without a care. You can enjoy a wonderful lunch and learn about the agriculture of Maui.

But this post is about ten things to do in 2012. So I thought I’d give my thoughts on how to slow down.

The first thing that comes to mind is how to accomplish great things yet still slow down and keep centered despite the way the  world is moving so fast. Have you looked around lately? Even Hawaii is speeding along. As we spend time online perusing data from unlimited feeds it’s difficult to filter through it all unless you slow down and decide where you want your focus to be. I know my priorities will be on Farms, gardens, cooking, chefs, social media, Slow Food, adding my line of country farm products, designing cards, quilts, painting and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

I’ve decided to create a monthly newsletter with content about all of the above related to the seasons on Maui.

Above all, I will continue with a passion for Maui and making everyday a work of art. So here’s what I suggest.

1. Number one each day is to take quiet time to reflect. Listen to the spirit within to guide you through each day. Write things down in order to remember and prioritize.

2. Look at your calender for the year. Set the goals you wish to achieve by the end of the year.

3. Take a look at each week  for goals to accomplish in small pieces. Don’t be disappointed if everything isn’t completed. Just get started. The only thing worse than work not completed is work never started.

4. Believe in yourself.

5. Get started anywhere. I have learned through the process of completing three books that if you put your ideas down on paper and save them each day you accomplish something and you will see it through.

6. Proceed without fear and say that you will never give up. You must have a mind tightly closed to all negativity. When obstacles come, take a deep breath knowing that there is a plan for you. Try to breeze through troubles like computer problems, family issues, work issues, knowing that you have a plan in your heart that must be achieved and no one is going to stop you. (Not your mother, father, husband, not anyone.) Be patient with them and don’t insist on being understood. Just know yourself and gather your own strengths from within. Trust me.

7. Find beauty in the small things each day. Sometimes it’s a moment here and there, quietness, a breeze, a puppy, birds in the trees, or messages from a loving friend on Facebook. Keep images of them in your mind.

8. Be happy and supportive of others. Learn from their experience. Duplicate the good, eliminate what you don’t want.

9. This should be number one: Know what you want. You must have a clear picture in your mind of what you want. See it complete. This is how dreams are imagined, created and achieved. You can start with a dream book of clippings, thoughts and ideas and by looking at these daily you will visualize the end result and take steps to achieve it. My books were designed in blank journals that had recipes, stories, garden designs, drawings that all took shape. It’s amazing what happens when you start on a creative journey and refuse to let anyone stop you.

10. My latest passion is Pinterest. It’s a social media platform where people pin images to boards they have created and categorize them. It’s a form of brainstorming with pictures. I have found the most gorgeous images and ideas to stimulate the subconscious mind. My categories are By The Sea, Gardens, Flora and Fauna, Favorite Places and Spaces, Foodie Stuff, Crafts and more to come. This is another way of creating your dream books. Search for the things you love and pin them. I will be using this to pin images from the country on Maui Country Farm Tours next. Follow me there by clicking on my Pinterest button in the side bar.

So start your year with a passion for life and keep it together by daily checklists, a vision of the entire year, daily, weekly and monthly goals. Make it measurable but don’t be too hard on yourself. Learn from the best. (Watch what everyone else is doing).

Hope you all have a wonderful year and we look forward to sharing Maui’s Agricultural Beauty. If you love  the country and want to see flowers, goats,  Maui’s Winery, Ulupalakua Ranch, Aina Lani Farm, Noho`Ana Taro Farm, Maui Tropical Plantation, Iao Valley, Ali`i Kula Lavender Farm, proteas, orchids, native plants, pineapple country, with a local Maui boy and his artsy, writing, cooking, gardening, designing, nurse, call us so we can we can take you on a personalized tour.

808 283-9131 See the Tours for all our tours

New Hopes and Dreams

What are your hopes and dreams?

As we are ending this year and looking ahead to the new one, I always feel a sense of hope. The picture above symbolizes new life to me. Freshness, aliveness, growth, abundance and beauty are so much a part of our life on Maui.

While clearing out my office, giving lots away, making room for new life, evaluating all the good in my life, letting go of the past feels healthy and positive. I love to reflect during these last few days of the year and take quiet time to plan and dream. I take stock of all the good in my life. The new friends I’ve made through Social Media have enhanced my life greatly. I’m thankful to have reached out there and taken the risk to expose my life and shared my love of beauty and Maui.

It is a risk we take to open up our hearts just as one does in love. We take a chance that we might be rejected, ignored or criticized. Hopefully we learned from every aspect and effort taken to share knowledge, beauty, humor and art with our fellow entrepreneurs and friends. It has been a fun year full of accomplishments and joy.

We congratulate Plant A Wish for planting a tree in every state and wish them great success with their film in progress. Looking forward to TED X Maui coming to the Maui Arts and Culture Center, January 22,2012.

It was awesome to watch the Slow Food Maui movement take off with a series of foodie events.

Congratulations to Melanie Boudar,  the Sweet Paradise Chocolatier on her Wailea Gateway Store and new Commercial kitchen at The Maui Tropical Plantation, coming soon with the Story of Chocolate.

Lots of new restaurants opened on Maui including Honu in Lahaina, Monkey Pod Kitchen in Wailea, Japengo at Hyatt Regency Maui and Saffron Indian Cafe in Kihei.

We honor everyone’s efforts and are inspired to pursue our dreams with a passion.

We thank all the farmers that allow us to visit their farms and welcome visitors to enjoy Maui’s agricultural beauty.

Looking back on the year what did you find most memorable?

Ten Must Do’s on Maui

What’s your favorite thing to do on Maui? I can think of about ten different wonderful must do activities on Maui. The first thing that comes to mind is visiting the farms Up-Country with Maui Country Farm Tours, of course because we love to share Maui’s Agricultural Beauty. Even if you live on Maui you might see the land through new eyes and a whole new perspective. Some people have never been driven around in a tour van. It’s so much fun to take a scenic cruise with big picture windows to enjoy the view and not worry about the driving. We love to take care of you and provide a fun, informative tour with plenty of stops for photographs along the way. With families visiting during the holidays, this is a wonderful way to get a group of seven together for a great experience on Maui.






The Lavender Farm is changing constantly with different light and flowers in bloom. When Lavender is finished blooming in the summer the Proteas come into bloom. There’s always some type of color. The view at 4,000 foot elevation is absolutely stunning. My guests yesterday were so surprised by the breathtaking beauty of Maui.

We love to sit and linger while having lavender tea and scones overlooking Maui so you get a real feel for the place and how many beautiful species of flowers and plants are growing here.

 Maui’s Winery at Ulupalakua Ranch is where we love to stay and have a picnic under one hundred and fifty year old trees planted by Captain James Makee in 1846 when it was called Rose Ranch. It is a step back in time. We stroll the grounds talking about the history of the land and previous owners and ramble into the history room for an overview of the Winery and the photographs of the last hundred and fifty years.

The current owners since 1963 Pardee Erdman and his son Sumner partnered with Emil Tedeschi to create Hawaii’s first winery.

You’ll taste four different wines and have the chance to purchase several varieties. There’s also amazing gifts from local artists and chocolates made in Hawaii.

That’s two of my favorite places so far.

The next is Kula Country Farms situated on the Kula Highway overlooking all of West Maui too. The one hundred and eighty acres of land  is where they grow strawberries, pumpkins, flowers, corn and vegetables like kale, lettuce, string beans, cabbage, onions and whatever is in season. Its always changing. They sell their produce and other locally grown products like honey, lilikoi jellies, strawberry syrups, Portuguese Sweet breads, tropical flowers and scented Tuber Rose stems. It’s fun to see the little ponies and chickens and children’s raised beds, then look down to sheep in the distance and goats too. My guest commented “How rich the soil looks here on Maui.” Yes the volcanic soil is very rich in nutrients and the cool nights in Kula are wonderful for crops like onions and lettuce, cabbage and corn. They thrive in the moist chilly air.

Kula Country FarmsThe fourth “must see” is Surfing Goat Dairy. Right now the does are giving birth to a multitude of babies. Just last weekend they counted twenty seven newborns. As you wind down Oma`opio Road from beautiful Kula you feel the land change to rustic rural farming and see many crops on either side of the road. This is the home of Kula Onions.

Number Five is Is Iao Valley where you’ll find tropical rain forests just above old Wailuku town. It’s wonderful to think you could de-stress on a lunch hour by driving up into the valley to see the famous Needle.

Beautiful Iao Valley

Its a short journey full of beauty. History tells us of royalty hidden deep within the valley. Steep, jagged mountains lush with greenery beckon us into the mountains. When it rains there are many waterfalls and the stream can rise so always be aware of the weather and surroundings. Never underestimate the water. Maui Photowalks made their first event here in Iao.

Beautiful photography moments are everywhere in the islands, especially for those who are enthralled by moving water and green plant life.

Number six is Ho`okipa where we take people on our all day tours.We love to start our journey by doing what locals do and how we might start out on a Sunday drive to the country. We check out the surf at Ho`okipa. See the windsurfing, surfers and magnificent view of the ocean.

Number seven is My favorite Hawaii State Park, Wai`anapanapa in Hana, Maui. This is where we love to go camping the most. It is wild and beautiful. You can venture through ancient Lau Hala forests and hear the surf all night as you sleep. You might get a good Hana rain pounding on your roof. You’ll see the black sand beach and walk the cliffs on the King’s trail. Native plants of ancient Hawaii cling to the lava down to the sea. Be sure to make your reservation at the DLNR for a cabin. The prices have increased to $60.00 per night for local residents and $90.00 per night for others.

Bring all your comforts with you as it is pretty bare, but the redwood cabins make a nice shelter from the storm. We take our comforters, sleeping bags, champagne glasses, linens, and all our food and silverware. There are the basic essentials provided like can opener, knives, pots, pan, bowls, dishes, towels and sheets but we like to have our own to make it beautiful.

You can cook on the grill outside or a two burner hotplate and there are full size refrigerators. I cook on all of the above, sometimes doing my Vietnamese Pho inside while other meals like shrimp kabobs, or pancakes and bacon on our camp stove simultaneously. I love to cook and  I take pride in being able to do it anywhere with basic supplies.We bring rice, pastas, oil & vinegars, soy sauce, sugar, milk, 1/2 & half or evaporated milk in cans, cereals, sauces, and go to Hana Fresh for awesome vegetables in town.


Number eight must be The Seven Sacred Pools past Hana. It’s a gorgeous spot to take pictures but please do not jump off the bridge. Just enjoy the beauty.


Number nine: While you’re out there in Hana you should have the Ono Farms experience. You’ll need a reservation to visit this wonderful organic farm experience.  Call Chuck and Lily to schedule your tour. They have bananas, papaya trees, cacao, and many varieties of exotic fruits. Tours are Monday through Friday and run about ninety minutes.

Number ten: Haleakala Crater. Go for sunrise or take the opportunity of a lifetime to hike inside the crater and spend a couple nights in the cabins with no electricity, mingle with the endangered Nenes, feel the earth, and touch the beauty of Maui.

I’ve got many more must do’s on Maui, so that will be more to come. The West side has so much to offer like Piliani Kope Coffee farm, Ka`anapali Coffee Estates and The MauiGrown Coffee store, The Dragonfruit Farm, Honokowai Valley


So when on Maui, do enjoy all the agricultural beauty it Hawaii has to offer. You can visit most on your own and if you’d like to be escorted by experienced locals to many beautiful farms and rainforests, please call us to personalize a tour for you.

Check out our tours link at the top of the page or call anytime for information. I’ll be happy to tell you all about us. 808 283-9131


Aloha, everyone.

~ Marilyn


The West Maui Coffee Tour

This is it. We’re starting the West Maui Coffee Tours. It’s a gorgeous tour that starts from the moment we pick you up and take you on a scenic drive along Maui’s rugged coastline to Lahaina in our beautiful eight passenger air-conditioned van with huge picture windows. You’ll love the drive along the blue, blue sea. Lahaina is minutes away from agricultural beauty.
Once everyone is on board, our first stop is up to Launiupoko to visit Greg and Susy Stille at Piliani Kope Coffee Farm.

Launiupoko Mauka

Greg and Susy were originally in the grocery business in Northern California and visited Maui for twenty two years. They fell in love with Maui, but didn’t know what they would do over here when they retired.
We recently brought our cruise ship passengers to Piliani Kope Farm and Susy told us the story so well. Greg was on the mainland picking up the new Italian coffee roasting machine. She gave a wonderful history of their farm. Her enthusiasm was so contagious and the gorgeous barn they have created is a work of art. Our guests loved the entire tour and wondered how anyone could possibly stay back on the ship. If you’re in the islands you don’t want to miss out experiencing all the beauty Hawaii has to offer.

I love how the doors roll up on both sides to reveal ocean and mountain views. Susy showed us the coffee trees and how they cropped them for easy picking. She explains the difference between normal pulped coffee and coffee which has been left to ripen on the tree which is called “natural” and back at the barn she shows us how beans are washed and pulped in the pulping machine. Every bit of the pulp from the coffee cherry is saved to go back into the compost. Some companies are using the fruit to create super food drinks.

A wall of French windows lights up the beautiful coffee tasting bar and the whole barn comes to life. There’s coffee art on the big walls and the unique coffee processing machines are a work of art too.

We start with an introduction to the farm where we taste delicious fresh roasted Piliani Kope coffee overlooking beautiful West Maui at 600 ft. above the sea. I brought apple-banana bread that everyone loved with their fresh black coffee.

Then it’s into the coffee trees to learn about growing coffee beans, harvesting and the art of processing coffee, from picking, drying, pulping to roasting and tasting the fresh roasted coffee. Imagine smelling the roasting beans. Guests can shop for t-shirts, coffee, and art-work in the barn while we prepare for our picnic lunch.

We have a wonderful picnic lunch with sandwiches provided by Whole Foods Kahului chosen at time of booking. (Choices are: Turkey-Bacon-Avocado-Spinach-Aioli, Italian Sub, or Veggie) and Fresh island fruits overlooking the magnificent view.

Piliani Kope Farm


We leave beautiful Piliani Kope to explore the Ka`anapali  Estate Coffee trees where four varieties of coffee trees are grown on approximately 300 acres. The history is that the Pioneer Mill which originally grew Sugar cane since 1860 phased into growing coffee in 1988. They had planted about 500 acres. The plan was to replace sugar dollar for dollar but it soon became apparent that this wasn’t possible because of the high costs of infrastructure, so in 2001 Ka`anapali Estate Coffee closed. They chose to keep the trees alive with continued irrigation. Currently there are coffee estates for sale where people can build their homes.
See http://mauigrowncoffee.com  James (Kimo) Falconer who was originally a farmer  with Ka`anapali Estate Coffee was given a lease in 2003 to 125 acres of the original 500 acre farm. As MauiGrown Coffee he resurrected the Ka`anapali Estate Coffee trees. His first harvest was in 2004.
You’ll learn all about them. (Mokka, Red Catuai, Typica and Yellow Caturra) There’s so much to learn about coffee. The coffee is sold worldwide and the rare Mokka has given Maui Coffee notoriety, just as Kona Coffee has for the Big Island of Hawaii.

We continue on a scenic tour of the beautiful Kapalua coastline. We feel like we can almost touch Molokai across the channel.
We stop at The Maui Grown Coffee Company Store to shop for gifts before departing through quaint Lahaina Town. Coffee can be shipped directly from the store. Jeff Ferguson manages the store.
If you are truly interested in the land and origins of Maui coffee and would love a hands on experience on the land you will love this adventure.  The entire journey is photographed and you’ll receive a digital postcard of your gorgeous Maui Coffee Farm Tour.
Then it’s back to the Harbor at 2PM and Kahului by 3PM. Tour 6 hours (Maximum 7 passengers)
Cost of Tour: $150.00

Call 808 283-9131 to book your tour. Please click the TOURS tab at the top to learn about all our tours.

~ Marilyn

Another Beautiful Country Farm Tour

The Surf was up at Ho`okipa. Our guests really enjoyed photographing the waves.

Maui’s Winery was quiet and beautiful for our picnic lunch.

We love the old trees and stepping back in time.

Me, Toby Neal and my friend Napua

Magnolia Blossom

Pin Cushion Protea

The Lavender Farm was a Protea Farm for many years before the Lavender was planted.

Surfing Goats

Many of the girls are getting ready to give birth on the farm. The next few months will be very busy with kids.

Just a few pictures of our tour…

Call me anytime you’d like to plan a tour. 808 283-9131

We’re here to serve and love to share Maui’s Agricultural beauty.

We Love Personalized Tours

On a recent Maui Country Farm Tour, one of our guests decided to change the plan (in the middle of the tour). Talk about special requests! Luckily it was a private tour for just the man and his wife.

We had visited the old town of Paia, discussing the highlights and history of the town, including the Paia Sugar Mill built in 1880, the 1930 fire which burned half the town down, and the tsunami in 1946 which wiped out the town again.  Today it is a town of chic boutiques, wonderful restaurants and colorful displays of our mixed plate cosmopolitan population on Maui. People say they love to hear about the old days of Hawaii which brings the culture to life.

They loved Ho`okipa where the surf was happening. We departed through Haiku to avoid a traffic jam caused by the road work back in Paia.

On through Pineapple country where my husband Rick grew up in the camp they seemed to enjoy the History of  Hali`i Maile and actually seeing how pineapples grow in the field from slip to maturity. I love to discuss the fact that Pineapple is in the bromeliad family and is the only terrestrial. (earth plant)

They were amazed how different Up-Country is compared to the tourist locations of busy Lahaina and thought it nice to experience where locals live.  This was an all day tour so we strolled the grounds of Maui’s Winery and Ulupalakua Ranch Store leisurely before entering the Wine Tasting Room. I  give part of the history of the winery before arriving to Ulupalakua and tell the story as we walk beneath the one hundred and fifty year old trees planted by Captain James Makee during his ownership of the ranch from 1856-1886. At that time it was called Rose Ranch named for his wife’s abundant roses and gardens she created.

Maui's Winery

We enjoyed our delicious sandwiches prepared by Whole Foods Kahului and fresh local watermelon and papayas under the Camphor tree then headed back towards Kula Country Farms and Ali`i Kula Lavender Farm. We stop for photos above magnificent Ulupalakua and point out our guests’ hotel in Wailea. They love the landscape and who wouldn’t. It’s so peaceful up here. I tell them how the whales come to give birth to their babies in the marine sanctuary below surrounded by three islands. One of the reasons I love Maui the best is because of the unique beauty on the south side where we are so closely surrounded by islands in the distance.  We are able to see the vineyards planted below the Kula Highway. Scenic West Maui, Kahoolawe, Molokini and  Lanai appear almost touchable.


                                                        Kula Country Farms is turning orange now with all the pumpkins.

Upon arrival to the Lavender Farm I order the Lavender tea and scones for my guests to enjoy on the lanai overlooking beautiful AKL Maui and the wonderful view from 4,000 ft. elevation.

My guest decides that his knees were a little sore so he would rather just “hang out” with my husband Rick and drink tea while his wife and I joined another group for the walking tour. “Okay”, I said, “sure, it’s a wonderful place to just hang out.” I love to do that myself time and time again sipping my tea and eating a lavender brownie. The energy at the Lavender farm is amazing. It truly is condusive to relaxation.


We loved our walking tour with Harrison which lasted about 45 minutes this time. I’m always photographing the Proteas and lavender and the view as it changes day to day with different light. Now I love to use iPhone apps and Nikon D-60, and started using Instagram to post immediately to Twitter and Facebook. I love spreading the word about  Maui’s agricultural beauty.

Silver Leaf Protea has no flowers.

                                            The Giant Protea takes weeks to open. They have been on earth since Pre-historic times.

When  we reached the Lavender gift boutique I found out that my guest had talked my husband into changing the next stop. This meant  I had to call the next farm and let them know that we wouldn’t be coming as planned. I hadn’t experienced this before but we’re flexible and eager to serve so in a heart beat we decided to share the sugar cane on Maui. We do have the last working mill in the State of Hawaii. People love to hear about the original cane growing history so we took our guests to the heart of Pu`unene Sugar Mill and visited The Sugar Museum. No photography is allowed inside the museum so I’ll tell you a litttle bit about it. Immediately upon entering you get a feel of old Maui. I love it. The doorknobs to the bathrooms are glass. The house is very old. At each turn of the exhibits you experience what life was like in the old days of the original cane workers of Maui.

So the tour turned out very nice for our guests from California. They really enjoyed the Sugar Museum and commented that Rick was “A Good ol’ boy.”

That’s my Local Boy.  Just like Maui No Ka Oi (The Best)

If you’d like to learn about Maui’s agricultural beauty and get a PERSONALIZED tour, please call us at 808 283-9131

We’ll take excellent care of you…

~ Marilyn



Up-Country Photo Farm Tour

Last Friday we did a wonderful Concierge Tour of Up-Country Maui and Surfing Goat Dairy. Maui’s Winery and The Lavender Farm are the most beautiful places to spend time in nature. At the winery we ate our picnic lunch under the shade of one hundred and fifty year old trees. It was a step back in time. Beautiful land, plants, trees and an ancient forest in the distance. We had a private tour of the wine-making process.


Kula Country Farms was overflowing with tuberose and girls love flowers in big bouquets. The pumpkins are getting bigger each day. This is the country and it becomes part of your spirit you don’t want to leave behind. It fills you with peace and exhilarates you with the big beauty and abundance of Maui.

At the Lavender Farm we enjoyed our walking tour by Harrison. Our pockets were filled with herbs and the essence of lavender and scented geraniums. (Chocolate, lime and rose) Each visit to the lavender farm brings new knowledge of the place and the legacy of Ali`i Chang. I find I want to stay and linger and take it all in. Everywhere the eye can see is a thing of beauty. There are Proteas in many varieties and avocado trees cut like Bonsai in shapes that hang down so the fruit can be picked with ease.


At Surfing Goat dairy we enjoyed a tour by the young Anna who did a wonderful job. I find that each person who gives a tour has a true passion for their farms and the pride is so beautiful.  Every passenger was excited by the variety of the farms, the tastes  and sounds of the journey. It is quite an adventure. We love sharing Maui’s agricultural beauty.


Call us to book your tour 808 283-9131