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End of Summer Sale

Hookipa lookoutBe the first to book a tour with Maui Country Farm Tours on a limited sale price of $100.00 per person for the half-day tour when you book 4 persons. BOOK NOW. This offer lasts until August 15th, 2013. (tours until December 31, 2013) Private Tours are $225.00 per person.
Our Best selling Tour is the half day tour. I know it’s because there’s so much to see and even the regular price is nice. $150.00  There are so many stops and rich experiences on our agricultural tour Up-Country Maui.
9 AM The tour begins when we pick you up in Kahului and head for Ho`okipa Beach Park (The wind-surfing capital of the world) before heading Up-Country to the farms. First we take a scenic ocean view tour passing by the last working sugar mill in the State of Hawaii through acres of sugar cane and the historical old town of Paia, once home to another sugar mill, then on to Ho`okipa Beach Park for some photos overlooking the magnificent surf. We often see Hawaiian sea turtles (Honu) and surfers, kite sailors, and wind surfers on the beautiful waves.
Maui Country Farm Tours Van
Then it’s on through Pineapple Country where Ricky was born and raised in Hali`i Maile the headquarters of The Maui Pineapple Company, now gone and Maui history is changing before our eyes. If not for Maui’s Winery in Ulupalakua, the pineapple would be gone. Today they lease over 1200 acres and continue to grow the Maui Gold pineapple which is used in many of their pineapple wines. They call it Hali`i Maile Pineapple Company.
DSC_0151After traveling through the pineapple camp we head to Ulupalakua for a wonderful scenic drive and stop at Ulupalakua Ranch Store and Maui’s Winery.  We walk among the old trees taking photographs and enjoying the history of Ulupalakua ranch. There are approximately 2300 head of cattle, elk, sheep, goats and wild turkeys on the 20,000 acre ranch. Guests can do a wine tasting of either pineapple or grape wines in the King’s Cottage. Our visitors are so amazed at the diversity of the land on Maui and love to see how people actually live when we drive through Kula, Keokea and Ulupalakua.

Next we travel to the 4,000 ft elevation to Ali`i Kula Lavender Farm. We enjoy tea, coffee and scones then proceed to a walking tour in the old proteas and lavender. Now they’ve planted the edible gardens with citrus, apple, plums, cinnamon, avocado and the olives trees are flourishing. It’s an amazing experience and a highlight of our day. 20120810-220237.jpg20120810-220202.jpg

We do a wonderful lunch created at Whole Foods Kahului, Maui. Choices are the turkey-bacon-avocado-spinach-aioli, Classic Italian or Veggie sandwich, all on ciabattas. (let us know if you prefer gluten-free) We also prepare an amazing salad for large groups with local ingredients at Whole Foods. Fresh Pineapple, and other local fruits like lilikoi are served. Everyone loves the local style and fruits they have never tasted before. Turkey-sandwich

After lunch we stop by Kula Country Farms a 180 acre farm where they grow pumpkins, strawberries, squash, string beans, cabbage, onions, tuber rose, and more proteas. Guests can shop in the quaint farm stand overlooking all of West Maui. (Closed on Monday) Strawberry Patch at Kula Country Farms Pincushion-protea-closeup

9AM – 2PM (5 hours) Cost of Tour (including lunch and refreshments) $150.00 Kama Aina Rate is a 10% discount available to local residents. Minimum of four to travel so check with us to see if we have others booked. Private tours are $225.00 per person and you’ll love having the van all to yourself. 808 283-9131

Pride of America Cruise ship passengers are picked up at the Kahului harbor at 8:30 AM. All others must meet at Whole Foods Kahului by 8:45 AM. (Lahaina Harbor is a 45 minute drive to Kahului) We now pick up at Lahaina Harbor for an additional $50.00 per person. So if you want to visit beautiful Up-Country Maui, you can come with us for a wonderful agricultural and scenic tour of the island of Maui.

Afternoon Up-Country Farm Tour: Same as above but 11:45 AM -4:45 PM

Guests at Kahului Harbor can be picked up at 11:30 AM

Add Surfing Goat Dairy or Ocean Vodka Organic farm and Distillery for an additional $25.00 per person.

ocean vodka barn


Call me 808 283-9131 to book your tour and take advantage of this offer.

Beautiful Maui

We love sharing Maui’s Agricultural beauty… Some of our favorite things to show you are Ulupalakua Ranch below and Maui’s Winery. Everyone loves the old trees and rich history of the land on Maui. They love tasting and learning about the wines made on Maui from four different grapes and from Pineapple. The scenic vistas from the 3, 000 ft. elevation are breathtaking and people love the relaxed drive overlooking Maui’s South shore. Wailea and Kihei are beautiful from above. We can see the Kai Kanani catamaran anchored off the Makena beach and Golf Resort. I love pointing out my favorite beach on the island, Makena Beach. Ulupalakua-scenic

Our guests are always amazed at the bi-coastal view from Ali`i Kula Lavender farm at the four thousand foot elevation. There are so many varieties of plants and flowers everywhere that it is a feast for the eyes. After enjoying a Lavender tea or coffee with a delicious lavender scone, we do a walking tour into the proteas from South Africa and Australia and lavender planted by Mr. Ali`i Chang Co-Founder of the Lavender farm. It’s a gorgeous rich experience for all. Then we travel throughout Kula, Maui sharing all the beauty and history of our island. Ricky was born and raised here and his ancestors arrived in the late 1870’s from Portugal.

2013-02-26 14.44.402013-02-26 14.44.56

At Kula Country Farms there are dahlias, cosmos, strawberries, squash, pumpkins, sunflowers, nasturtiums, herbs, pincushion flowers and so much more. The picnic tables are just above the children’s garden with something beautiful for everyone to enjoy. At times we can meet the miniature ponies. Some days the fat chickens are running about. There are ducks too. In the adorable farm stand you can purchase Country gifts of Maui such as local honey, jams and jellies, syrups, tea towels with garden designs, art work by Meredith (one of the employees), delicious and chilled strawberry juice, (so refreshing), all the veggies, like carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, string beans, peas, cabbage, lettuce, lemons, lilikoi, broccoli, squash, pumpkins and local corn. Now they have a food truck serving wonderful meals with all the local ingredients.  Teena and Chauncey Monden lease the land from the ranch to grow their crops. Originally a 10,000 acre Hawaiian Ahupua`a,  it was sold to a Chinese potato farmer, who sold it to a sugar magnate, who sold it to his grandfather, Maui senator Harold W. Rice, in 1916. (from an article in the Wall Street Journal dated January 22, 2010)

2012-10-04 14.30.42We’re looking forward to sharing Maui’s newest 82 acre farm, the Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery on Omaopio Road just below Surfing Goat Dairy. We’d love to take you to both places to share the beautiful scenery, the organic sugar cane planted in rows ten feet apart. You can walk among the sugar and hear it blowing in the wind. The earth is mulched with a heavy layer of shredding from tree trimmers who deliver the mulch to the farm as an organic weed control. The vodka is created from desalinated sea water that comes from the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s shipped to Maui in containers to be be fermented with organic sugar grown right here on the farm.

It’s a gorgeous location and a very interesting process to see how vodka is made and bottled then distributed all over the country.   The barnIt’s also wonderful to see a new venture on Maui take place before our eyes.

Coming soon you can purchase bottles of Ocean Vodka on the property but they won’t be serving the alcohol on site, however, Surfing Goat Dairy has a BYOB policy that you may open alcohol and I’m told it goes perfectly with their delicious lemonade. So you can visit the gift shop, travel on up to Surfing Goat Dairy to enjoy some of their 18 award winning cheeses and possibly a little Ocean Vodka lemonade Martini.

2013-02-26 14.44.39750_oceanvodka

So if you want to get closer to the land and culture of Maui, join us for a tour of the Up-Country farms or a wonderful West Maui Coffee Tour. Proteas are blooming on the slopes of Haleakala between 2,000 and 4,000 feet on the South West facing slopes. They arrived from South Africa and Australia in the 1970’s. These amazing flowers have been on the planet since dinosaurs. It’s wonderful to walk among a prehistoric garden filled with lavender and king proteas and banksias from Australia. I love to have people feel the flowers and touch the bushes to squeeze the lavender. We walk into the lower fields to see the edible gardens and crush the leaves of the new young cinnamon tree while taking in the amazing vistas of Maui below. Guests who can’t walk as well enjoy the lanai or benches overlooking the whole lavender farm. These beautiful proteas are in bloom October through May while the majority of lavender fields are in full bloom all summer long worldwide. Some of the varieties of French, Spanish and English lavenders are in bloom year round. This tour is $175.00 per person. (6 hours)

Call to arrange your tour with us 808 283-9131 We’d love to personalize a tour for you. Private Tours are $225.00 per person


Morning and afternoon (1/2 day tours) Up-Country Farm Tours are $150.00 per person. (4.5 hours)

Kama`aina rate is 10% discount.

Our Coffee Tours are amazing!

You’ll see  Piliani Kope farm and Kaanapali Coffee estates where the 500 acres of MauiGrown Coffee is grown. Kaanapali-Coffee-Farms our vanKaanapali-Coffee-Farms $175.00 per person  Kama`aina rate is 10% discount (5 hours) including lunch.

We  will customize a tour to O`o Farms and Aina Lani Farm for you, or choose Three farms Up-Country you’d like to see like Enchanting Flower Gardens, Shim Coffee Farm, and the Lavender Farm.

All Your Dreams Coming True

Imagine all your dreams are coming true…


Visiting Maui Coffee farms


Magnificent surfing beaches


Lavender and Protea Farms


Watching edible gardens come to life on Maui and taking home memories for life…

We’re sharing Maui’s Agricultural Beauty and it IS a dream come true…

Join us 🙂 808 283-9131
808 280-1621

Marilyn Jansen Lopes

Carnival Cruisers on Maui

One of our largest group tours was this private tour with fifteen passengers who arrived on Maui via Carnival Cruise. You never know what to expect so you have to be ready for anything.
Two of the guests were slightly handicapped. One gentleman had fallen on his face during rough waters on the cruise ship. Another lady had swollen legs due to her medical condition so at the Lavender Farm they were kind enough to transport these two via the gator to our luncheon area down off the lower walking tour trail.


This was no problem for us. Rick loves taking care of elderly folks and I’m an RN with 16 years experience. Though I’m only practicing once a year now doing Flu shot clinics, my background is in Emergency Room and family practice. My last position was at Hana Community Health Center, now Hana Health, where they have also created a farm and the brand Hana Fresh.


Here’s part of our group at Maui’s Winery. On this day I also played ukulele for the first time for the group during lunch… I play every time now for all the guests on the bus and at the Lavender Farm.


Looking forward to more large groups and hosting the Kaanapali Coffee Estates Tour for Ka’anapali Fresh, September 1st, 2012.


Carnival Cruisers and Disney Cruisers are returning in October. Give us a call if you’d love a personalized tour of the country on Maui.


~ Marilyn


Marilyn Jansen Lopes
808 283-9131
@jamarilyn on Twitter

Maui Christmas

Aloha everyone,

Mele Kalikimaka to all our friends, families and visitors to Maui. What a wonderful time to let go and just enjoy each other’s company in a spirit of sharing and enjoying the beauty of Maui. Sunny or cloudy, Maui has a wonderful closeness like nowhere else in the world. It has been compared to a large campus because everywhere you go you may cross paths with a friend or familiar face and have the opportunity to talk story and share what’s been happening in your life.

  There’s so much going on at every resort for visitors and local alike. See Sheila Beil’s blog GoVistHawaii for all the Christmas Eve and Christmas happenings on Maui. Kama`ainas (Locals) love to go out for parties at the resorts in a gorgeous setting overlooking the magnificent ocean. Kama`aina  means “Child of the land” but one is actually treated like a child of the land on Maui when they have lived here for a short time.
  We hope you get that feeling when you visit Maui that you are treated like family and when you depart have the feeling that you must return.
 I fell in love with Maui in the seventies but finally moved here permanently in 1996 and married a local boy in 2005. Together we created Maui Country Farm Tours. When you marry a local boy you get to know much more about the culture and feel a part of history in the making on Maui.
  We love to share this when we visit the farms. When people arrive on Maui today they see our island magnificent beauty, the boutiques and restaurants and drive through old towns of Makawao, Paia, Wailuku and Lahaina. What I like to do is imagine the olden days and then the ancient times here in Hawaii. I sit at Ka`anapali Beach looking out to Lanai and imagine not a single building there. I think of the ocean lapping at the shore and sleeping on the land with a tapa blanket, palm trees swaying in the breeze. Then I’m brought back to reality in my soft hotel sheets and king sized bed enjoying the feel of luxury on Maui.
  I let my imagination go up to the country. What did Hawaiians do up there? How did they live off the land for nearly one thousand years?
 On a Native Plant farm we can learn about the plants that were here before Hawaiians set foot on the land. We learn about how they used plants for healing, for structures, and how they cared for their resources by conserving and taking only what they needed so there would be more for later to ensure their survival. Hawaiians were very resourceful people.
  In modern times farmers are providing vegetables and meats to our population. Be sure to check out The Maui Cattle Company beef. It can be found at Whole Foods Market in Kahului and the small stores like Long’s, Pukalani Superette and Ulupalakua Ranch Store. If you live here, you can check out Beef and Blooms by William Jacintho and his family. Maui is famous for the Maui Onions and Kula Greens.Kula Country Farms is growing on one hundred and eighty acres of leased land Up-Country. Rich volcanic soil and cool mountain nights are perfect for cabbage, lettuce, spinach, arugulas, root vegetables, squash, strawberries, asparagus, corn, flowers like tuber rose, lilies, snap dragons, babies breath and some tropicals like bird of paradise. O`o Farms is growing the vegetables, herbs and fruits for their restaurants I`o and Pacific O.
    Ali`i Kula Lavender Farm has acres of lavender and proteas thriving on the southwest facing slopes of Haleakala at 4,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean. We love to enjoy lavender tea and scones with our guests so they can take it all in before  a walking tour with one of their proud experts on the farm.
Pin Cushion Proteas
  We love sharing beautiful Ulupalakua Ranch and actually taking time to slow down under hundred and fifty year old trees at Maui’s Winery. Visitors can drive to all these places but for those who would like to be escorted on a personalized tour we’d love to take you there.
  It’s so much fun to go as a small group to Surfing Goat Dairy and enjoy a flight of cheese after learning about the history of the farm and the goat milking and cheese making process. We eat, we shop, take pictures and enjoy the scenic ride without a care for how to get there.
You’re in good hands with Rick and Marilyn. Want to get out to the country and see how life goes on up the mountain? Call us 808 283-9131     Eat, tour farms and have fun.

 Please visit all our Maui Bloggers  and friends to see what they have to offer about our wonderful island. A Maui Blog, MauiShopGirl, KulaFields, MauiInformationGuide, TheOhanaMama, TikiTales, TobyNeal, GlutenFreeMaui, MauiDish and see a movie during the holidays at “First Light” in the wonderful Castle Theatre.You’ll get a wealth of fun and information and make new friends on Maui. Be sure to check out Toby Neal’s new book Blood Orchids Big Island based crime novel, (great for beach reading) and Tiki Tales for wonderful children’s books of Hawaii. The Ohana Mama has a fabulous Maui Mama Blog and she is an amazing entrepreneur with a new product called Tag-A-Towel. The Gluten Free Maui girl has lots to share and Kula Fields is delivering fresh Maui fruits and vegetables grown by our farmers right to your doorstep! It wouldn’t be Christmas without a great film, especially on Maui and it wouldn’t be Maui without a trip to the country.
So what are you doing for Christmas on Maui?

Give the Gift of Maui

Happy Holidays, everyone. Aloha from Maui, Hawaii. And to those who live on this beautiful island I hope you’re enjoying your Island Life. I can’t think of anywhere in the world that I’d rather be except visiting my home and family in the mountains of California amid pine trees, sage brush, wild life and the possibility of snow for Christmas.

I’ve never felt trapped on the island with “Rock Fever” as I love Maui with a passion and feel that I belong here. It does feel like Christmas in Hawaii too. In the most subtle ways, the weather has gotten cooler, friends are gathering, there’s Holiday craft fairs, Christmas trees, First Light Film Festival, poinsettias blooming, travelers arriving with an increased energy on our island.

When you’re doing something you love, like sharing Maui’s Agricultural Beauty, its exciting and fulfilling. We’re visiting our favorite places Up-Country, spending time under giant trees, slowing down the pace to the country life, picking herbs and flowers, buying fresh produce from local farmers and learning about lavender, wine, coffee, nutrition, sharing the history of  Maui, all while traveling along in our big white eight passenger bus with the huge picture windows.

Maui Country Farm Tours VanThe best part about this is bringing attention to Maui’s Farms and inspiring others to support local farmers. It is my hope that young people on Maui will create more farms and develop the cottage industries all over our island. When people buy the added-value products the success stories will come.  AKL Maui, Kula Country Farms and Surfing Goat Dairy are the examples to follow. With a dream and a passion anyone with a vision and a burning desire to never give up, can make it happen. There are over eight hundred farms on Maui. We’d like to learn about them all and share it with you.

  We met over thirty new baby goats at Surfing goat dairy learning the ropes at the farm. Guests giggled and had so much fun feeding the mamas and photographing the babies. They’re best in motion performing their antics. (Adorable) Then we sampled a flight of  gourmet cheese from Udderly Delicious to Men’s Challenge and Mandalay.

If you want to give a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime, give the gift of Maui Country Farm Tours to yourself and loved ones. It’s perfect for a family and friends as our van can accommodate seven passengers. I’m the guide along with my husband Ricky who has lived on Maui all his life. He’ll tell you the stories of the old days here on the island. His Portuguese ancestors go back to the late 1800’s on Maui. He loves to customize the tour for you. For instance, if you’d like to visit the Sugar Museum or check out the sugar cane field and photograph the old churches and Chinese villages in Kula, or a citrus farm owned by his old friend in Ulupalakua, we’ll take you there.

So call us asap to book your tour or click on the Gift Certificate link to send gifts to your friends and family. They can call at their convenience to book in advance of their arrival on Maui.

Ten Must Do’s on Maui

What’s your favorite thing to do on Maui? I can think of about ten different wonderful must do activities on Maui. The first thing that comes to mind is visiting the farms Up-Country with Maui Country Farm Tours, of course because we love to share Maui’s Agricultural Beauty. Even if you live on Maui you might see the land through new eyes and a whole new perspective. Some people have never been driven around in a tour van. It’s so much fun to take a scenic cruise with big picture windows to enjoy the view and not worry about the driving. We love to take care of you and provide a fun, informative tour with plenty of stops for photographs along the way. With families visiting during the holidays, this is a wonderful way to get a group of seven together for a great experience on Maui.






The Lavender Farm is changing constantly with different light and flowers in bloom. When Lavender is finished blooming in the summer the Proteas come into bloom. There’s always some type of color. The view at 4,000 foot elevation is absolutely stunning. My guests yesterday were so surprised by the breathtaking beauty of Maui.

We love to sit and linger while having lavender tea and scones overlooking Maui so you get a real feel for the place and how many beautiful species of flowers and plants are growing here.

 Maui’s Winery at Ulupalakua Ranch is where we love to stay and have a picnic under one hundred and fifty year old trees planted by Captain James Makee in 1846 when it was called Rose Ranch. It is a step back in time. We stroll the grounds talking about the history of the land and previous owners and ramble into the history room for an overview of the Winery and the photographs of the last hundred and fifty years.

The current owners since 1963 Pardee Erdman and his son Sumner partnered with Emil Tedeschi to create Hawaii’s first winery.

You’ll taste four different wines and have the chance to purchase several varieties. There’s also amazing gifts from local artists and chocolates made in Hawaii.

That’s two of my favorite places so far.

The next is Kula Country Farms situated on the Kula Highway overlooking all of West Maui too. The one hundred and eighty acres of land  is where they grow strawberries, pumpkins, flowers, corn and vegetables like kale, lettuce, string beans, cabbage, onions and whatever is in season. Its always changing. They sell their produce and other locally grown products like honey, lilikoi jellies, strawberry syrups, Portuguese Sweet breads, tropical flowers and scented Tuber Rose stems. It’s fun to see the little ponies and chickens and children’s raised beds, then look down to sheep in the distance and goats too. My guest commented “How rich the soil looks here on Maui.” Yes the volcanic soil is very rich in nutrients and the cool nights in Kula are wonderful for crops like onions and lettuce, cabbage and corn. They thrive in the moist chilly air.

Kula Country FarmsThe fourth “must see” is Surfing Goat Dairy. Right now the does are giving birth to a multitude of babies. Just last weekend they counted twenty seven newborns. As you wind down Oma`opio Road from beautiful Kula you feel the land change to rustic rural farming and see many crops on either side of the road. This is the home of Kula Onions.

Number Five is Is Iao Valley where you’ll find tropical rain forests just above old Wailuku town. It’s wonderful to think you could de-stress on a lunch hour by driving up into the valley to see the famous Needle.

Beautiful Iao Valley

Its a short journey full of beauty. History tells us of royalty hidden deep within the valley. Steep, jagged mountains lush with greenery beckon us into the mountains. When it rains there are many waterfalls and the stream can rise so always be aware of the weather and surroundings. Never underestimate the water. Maui Photowalks made their first event here in Iao.

Beautiful photography moments are everywhere in the islands, especially for those who are enthralled by moving water and green plant life.

Number six is Ho`okipa where we take people on our all day tours.We love to start our journey by doing what locals do and how we might start out on a Sunday drive to the country. We check out the surf at Ho`okipa. See the windsurfing, surfers and magnificent view of the ocean.

Number seven is My favorite Hawaii State Park, Wai`anapanapa in Hana, Maui. This is where we love to go camping the most. It is wild and beautiful. You can venture through ancient Lau Hala forests and hear the surf all night as you sleep. You might get a good Hana rain pounding on your roof. You’ll see the black sand beach and walk the cliffs on the King’s trail. Native plants of ancient Hawaii cling to the lava down to the sea. Be sure to make your reservation at the DLNR for a cabin. The prices have increased to $60.00 per night for local residents and $90.00 per night for others.

Bring all your comforts with you as it is pretty bare, but the redwood cabins make a nice shelter from the storm. We take our comforters, sleeping bags, champagne glasses, linens, and all our food and silverware. There are the basic essentials provided like can opener, knives, pots, pan, bowls, dishes, towels and sheets but we like to have our own to make it beautiful.

You can cook on the grill outside or a two burner hotplate and there are full size refrigerators. I cook on all of the above, sometimes doing my Vietnamese Pho inside while other meals like shrimp kabobs, or pancakes and bacon on our camp stove simultaneously. I love to cook and  I take pride in being able to do it anywhere with basic supplies.We bring rice, pastas, oil & vinegars, soy sauce, sugar, milk, 1/2 & half or evaporated milk in cans, cereals, sauces, and go to Hana Fresh for awesome vegetables in town.


Number eight must be The Seven Sacred Pools past Hana. It’s a gorgeous spot to take pictures but please do not jump off the bridge. Just enjoy the beauty.


Number nine: While you’re out there in Hana you should have the Ono Farms experience. You’ll need a reservation to visit this wonderful organic farm experience.  Call Chuck and Lily to schedule your tour. They have bananas, papaya trees, cacao, and many varieties of exotic fruits. Tours are Monday through Friday and run about ninety minutes.

Number ten: Haleakala Crater. Go for sunrise or take the opportunity of a lifetime to hike inside the crater and spend a couple nights in the cabins with no electricity, mingle with the endangered Nenes, feel the earth, and touch the beauty of Maui.

I’ve got many more must do’s on Maui, so that will be more to come. The West side has so much to offer like Piliani Kope Coffee farm, Ka`anapali Coffee Estates and The MauiGrown Coffee store, The Dragonfruit Farm, Honokowai Valley


So when on Maui, do enjoy all the agricultural beauty it Hawaii has to offer. You can visit most on your own and if you’d like to be escorted by experienced locals to many beautiful farms and rainforests, please call us to personalize a tour for you.

Check out our tours link at the top of the page or call anytime for information. I’ll be happy to tell you all about us. 808 283-9131


Aloha, everyone.

~ Marilyn


I Had This Idea For A Farm Tour

I had this idea for a Scenic Farm Tour…

We acquired this beautiful bus from the Old Maui Pineapple company auction. It had been used by Kapalua Hotel as a shuttle.

Maui Country Farm Tours Van  When things began to change on Maui and the economy got crazy, I thought let’s do something we might really enjoy that could also bring attention to the farms on Maui. I was especially concerned when I heard that we could run out of food in a week and a half, if the ships stopped coming to our island. This was shocking to think that in a perfect climate we weren’t growing enough food to sustain the population, when Hawaiians had survived here for over eight hundred years living off the land and the sea.

I knew that the sugar cane was diminishing and Maui has the only working sugar plantation in the state. I envisioned the future of Hawaii as a series of cottage crops all over the island sustaining the people. But how will this get started if young people don’t take interest in farming and agriculture? The average farmer is sixty years old. Kula Country Farms was started by young farmers Chauncey Monden and Teena Monden, growing pumpkins, corn, onions, strawberries, herbs, flowers and whatever is in season. The Lavender Farm, “Ali`i Kula Lavender” is thriving and carrying on the legacy of Ali`i Chang it’s founder and providing scholarships to the youth of Maui who qualify to learn the business of agriculture. Lani and Pomai Weigert have traveled around the US and Canada teaching what they have learned about their successful “Country Chic” Brand.   I recently attended the “Added-Value” Workshop sponsored by Market Fresh Bistro in Makawao where several of Hawaii’s growers shared information on product creativity, product development and their stories of how they put together their businesses. Lani shared how they received their first $100,000.00 USDA added-value grant. Added-Value means products. I learned so much about products created for sale from ingredients Grown On Maui. For more information on Grants go to Grants.gov  We are so inspired by Lani Weigert  of the Lavender Farm and now Pomai  Weigert and Koa Chang who run operations. As they explain, originally they marketed to the seniors and now they are focusing on the youth.

Koa Chang of Ali`i Kula Lavender

I began the process of marketing when I created my books, The Amaryllis of Hawaii series, what a ride. I have been an organic gardener since twenty-five years old, I love to cook, and do every creative thing I can get my hands on. I have a burning desire to share with the world so I offer it daily via Twitter, Facebook, Flicker and You-Tube. Coming soon, much more video teaching of how to cook, how to plant and how to create whatever I’m up to at the time such as card-making, sewing, quilting, painting on tees, plant a tree, planting bulbs, making a pie-crust, lemon-meringue pie, apple pies, pumpkin pies, lilikoi jelly, stuffing a turkey and the whole day. I’m also a registered nurse and really enjoy giving that added attention to my guests.

Amaryllis of Hawaii By Marilyn Jansen

So, I thought why not create a country farm tour. I LOVE country and everything nostalgic about  country living. I live Up-Country on Maui on the slopes of Haleakala. It’s quiet, with chickens and roosters crowing in the distance and peacocks too. There’s a pig farm nearby and on some mornings we hear deer nearby. My husband knows the sound they make. On Sundays there’s no traffic passing by so you really get the feel of what Maui must have been like in the olden days.

Kula Country Farms

Aloha from Kula Country Farms

I wanted to take people back to a simpler place and time. I wanted to go there myself. So we started Maui Country Farm Tours “Sharing Maui’s Agricultural Beauty” and presented at The Maui Ag Festival 2011. People responded with great interest. It seems the Food Movement across the world is taking hold and people do want to know where their food is grown. Locavore is becoming a household word.

So here we go. I thought why not pick up people at Whole Foods (a great starting point and a wonderful supporter of local farmers) then take them on a scenic drive where local people might go on a Sunday drive. We go to Ho`okipa to check out the magnificent surf, then head up to the country.

Since my husband was born and raised in the Pineapple Camp (Hali`i Maile) we journey through pineapple country which is also diminishing since Maui Pineapple was sold in 2010. Now the boutique Pineapple company Hali`i Maile Pineapple sells the Maui Gold Pineapple and grow on approximately 1200 acres. They have pineapple tours, also. We tell the story of my husband’s experiences growing up in the camp then head on over to scenic Ulupalakua. The best part about this is actually slowing down long enough to feel the quiet, to relax under one hundred and fifty year old trees and picnic on the ranch.

Next we stop at Kula Country Farms overlooking all of  West Maui. My goal was to get people excited about the beauty and the products of Maui. Teena and Chauncey have created a charming farm stand on an actual working farm with chickens, goats, and changing colorful crops year round. The hands on strawberry picking, Feb-May and Pumpkin time Sept-Oct makes it a great activity for families on Maui.

We arrive at the Lavender Farm for Tea and scones then take an amazing walking tour and fill our pockets with scented lavender, geraniums and the story of the farm.

I started with the popular farms, but with over eight hundred farms on Maui it is truly my goal to introduce others that qualify for tours. I plan to visit as many as possible and do virtual tours at first to bring attention to their products and hopefully interest more and more people around the world about everything that comes out of our islands.

Of Course we go to Surfing Goat Dairy and we love the pride they have fortheir farm and the cheese making process!

Charlene Kauhane of Kauhane Inc. is responsible for promoting Maui County Farm Bureau and hosted several Grown on Maui events in the month of September. See Maui County Farm Bureau

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We’ve got Coffee Tours in the works and the Story of Chocolate by Melanie Boudar, the Sweet Paradise Chocolatier coming soon…

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Promises… promises…

Call me to book a tour at 808 283-9131 and call me with any questions you might have about farms on Maui. If we don’t know we’ll find out for you.

I get a lot of calls about Kula Country Farms. You can check out their page on Facebook.