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Wailea Sunset

Maui, Hawai`i is one of the most beautiful islands on the planet.Visitors from all over the world come to Maui to experience the beauty. White sand, black and red sand beaches abound. The minute one steps off the plane they notice the balmy, breezy mild tropical air and are greeted with a warm friendliness that is comforting to the soul and spirit. There’s a relaxed feeling that puts you at ease… a calmness that says ahhh, I’m here.

The mountain in the distance is Haleakala, ” House of the Sun.” Clouds circle the mountain with a lei of Aloha. It is a blessing to be here. Most will head to the sea to settle into their hotels or condos along the magnificent shoreline.

Once you’ve settled in and after a few days of sun and sand, you may find yourself asking “What goes on up that mountain?” You may have visited one of the many farmer’s markets on Maui sharing the bounty of the land. If you’re curious you’ll want to know where the food is grown and where the products come from. This island is home to a multitude of farms and ranches that sustain island life for those farmers. They truly live off the land. Maui is the only Hawaiian island that still grows and harvests sugar cane today. The Pineapple industry of one hundred years has diminished to specialized smaller Pineapple Farms. Maui Pineapple Company is now The Hali`imaile Pineapple Company which features Maui Gold (sweet) Pineapple.

The future of Hawai`i will be a series of cottage crops and small farms growing vegetables, herbs, cacao, fruits, aloe, coffee, pineapples, lavender, olives, dragon-fruit, flowers and ranches that raise grass fed cattle and free range chickens┬áto provide healthy food and sustainability for our islands. We will grow our own food. Maui Country Farm Tours would love to share the bounty of Maui with you. Let us know something about yourself, your interests, vocation, age, geographical location so we can personalize a journey for you. It’s a beautiful island with much more than gorgeous beaches. The rich culture and history of Maui comes from the people who worked the land for generations and the future of Maui will be the youth of today creating a new Agricultural lifestyle of Hawai`i.

To join us, call 808 283-9131 and book a tour with Maui Country Farm Tours.