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Kula Country Farms Pie TweetUp


Pies Pies Pies

Maui Country Farm Tours will take you to the farms in style. One of the farms we’ll be stopping at is Kula Country Farms Up-country farm. Last weekend we had The Pie TweetUp and it was a great success! Dania Katz of Edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine hosted a wonderful #PieTweetUp at Kula Country Farms. The hashtag received so much attention on Twitter that our Social Media Community took notice and they showed up with pies!

Dania Katz (advertising sales) of Edible Hawaiian Islands

Dania Katz

 Teena Monden and her staff at Kula Country Farms set up tents and arranged picnic tables for us to meet and share the bounty. What an incredible view of West Maui below. The Pies just kept on coming. Dania  created a Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie, Banana Cream Pie and assorted treats. I prepared a Mango-Crumb Pie. Nadine of @SneakPeekEats baked a gorgeous Surinam Cherry Lattice Pie.

Nadine's Pie

Nadine's Surinam Cherry Pie

The Theme was Local Ingredients so we tried to use only what’s grown on Maui. Some imported ingredients had to be used. My pie was made with all Local Mangos and The Gossip Gourmet of Maui-No-Ka-Oi Magazine said it was To-die-for. I had forgotten to add spices like cinnamon but the Mango flavored with lemon juice and dotted with  butter and a brown sugar crumb topping was amazing!

Maui Mango Crumb Pie

My Mango Pie

I was so busy meeting people and taking pictures (as usual), that I barely had a chance to sample all the pies. I tried a sliver of the cherry pie, my mango pie and when Jen Russo arrived with a Mushroom Pizza Pie, I was hungry for food. It was delicious!

Kula Country Farms

Teena Monden, Dania and Renee

Then it was time to check out the farm so I wandered off with the kids who were exploring…

We walked down a gentle path to the big strawberry patch. The view is incredible. There are wildflowers and cala lilies planted throughout the land. Chickens of all types are wandering about. The goats were down below in their pen on this day. The Monden Family leases over 140 acres of land here.

Kula Country Farms Strawberry Patch

The Strawberry Patch

Thanks to Dania we had a very successful event. Thank you to everyone who contributed pies. Liza of @AMauiBlog kept a list of most of the Twitter handles so we can all keep in touch.

Dania and Marilyn

We look forward to many more Country Farm Tweet-Ups and events coming up throughout the year. Maui Country Farm Tours will take groups of seven on customized tours Up-Country and the West side of Maui. We’ll be visiting coffee farms, the dragonfruit farm, taro farms and flower farms. Don’t forget Surfing Goat Dairy. Upon request we can even visit Ono Farms in Hana.

Kula Country Farms

Aloha from Kula Country Farms