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Lavender ~ What We Love About It

Spanish Lavender at AKL MAui

   The thought of lavender conjures images of purple fields sloping on a mountain looking out to the sea…

   The feeling is relaxation, one of lavender’s most potent properties. It directly affects the central nervous system. The benefits of lavender are more than wonderful.

  Just being near acres of lavender, drinking a blend of lavender mint tea surrounded by others enjoying the beauty, is a serene place to rest the soul and spirit.

  Learning that lavender is a natural antiseptic, disinfectant, bug repellent, that can heal cuts and scrapes, burns, insect bites and stings, has healing and moisturizing properties to the skin are the multiple benefits of lavender.
A day at the lavender farm leaves me with images of flowers, scenic vistas, pathways with flora and fauna, scents and textures of geraniums, protea, macadamia, ferns, avocado, bonsai, Ohia Lehua, allyssum, nasturtium, bamboo, hydrangea, rosemary in a woven tapestry painting in my mind.

Scenic view from Akl Maui
  Whatever anxiety of the world might have been with me is released into the infinite air and what lingers is lavender and beauty and thankfulness… thinking what can I do to give back as they have done here at Ali`i Kula Lavender.
                                                                         Tell me, what do you love about lavender?

Come join us for a walking tour, lavender tea and scones as part of our Up-Country Farm Tour.

  ~ Marilyn
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