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Island Road Trip

In Hawaii, we love island hopping but for some it’s not that often. As airfares rise it can cost up to $300.00 round trip just to get to Honolulu from Maui. If you’re savvy you can seek your tickets early and this week Hawaiian Airlines was as low as $65.00 each way.


There’s so much to see and the land is magnificent as you cut through lush valleys from Honolulu to the windward side. I traveled to Honolulu for a class but was able to visit some friends in Kailua, Hawaii Kai and Waikiki.


My friend Marianne Schultz works in this wonderful boutique called Sand People in Kailua. They have gorgeous clothing and chic beach themed gifts.
There are tons of beautiful shops in Kailua filled with local artwork and Hawaiiana. I can’t wait to explore more.


Marianne, Koele and I at Sand People.


Downtown Kailua is a sweet place to hang out. While I was there at the Food Truck, Camille’s on Wheels, I met a lady from Maui who owns all the Maui Clothing Outlets. She also has a store in Kailua and in Ala Moana Shopping Center. We got to talking about Maui and she said she was born and raised in Sprecklesville, where her great grandfather worked as ranch manager for Claus Spreckles on Maui. Remember, he was the Sugar King. (see Claus Spreckles “The Sugar King in Hawaii” by Jacob Adler) It’s amazing the connections one might make in a small town of Hawaii…
I’ll get to her name and shops in my next post.

Maui Country Farm Tours goes marketing on Oahu. Got to share the Love… Ag-Tourism, Maui, Sharing Maui’s Agricultural Beauty.

~ Marilyn

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