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Sights and Scents of Maui

Sights and Scents of Maui

Maui is the most visually beautiful place


The air is sensual and stimulating too


Exotic flowers reach out to us to touch them. Some are soft, some fragrant, others vibrant with color and strong waxy tropical stems. Delicate plumeria fall around us waiting to be plucked and placed behind an ear.


Gentle breezes draw us to the sea… The waves so relaxing to the eye, the color blue a healing touch to the spirit.


Proteas from South Africa and Australia thrive on the South West slopes of Haleakala between two and four thousand feet… This island makes us feel at home… We are all from places far far away settled on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by beauty. 
We must use every resource with care and ingenuity preparing for the future generations… Teaching skills and knowledge of the land and the sea so they can live and thrive in this beautiful place called Maui, Hawaii.

Like the King Protea that has survived since prehistoric times, sensing when to bloom and when to halt and gather its energy in the plant to strengthen the stem which will carry the blossom to maturity, we must use our wisdom before moving forward to fast and furiously. 

Stop sometimes and slow down to listen to the wind. Feel the beauty.

We love to slow down to a pace of old Maui and take you to the country.

Come enjoy a day with us on Maui. 

808 283-9131

808 280-1621

Marilyn Jansen Lopes