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Kaanapali Coffee Farms

Harvest time at Maui Coffee Farms

It was an amazing day for Agriculture in West Maui at Piliani Kope Farm and Kaanapali Coffee Farms. The Coffee cherries were ripe for the harvest. Got a glimpse of the coffee harvesters in action and the abundant coffee cherries here ready to be transported to the mill for sorting, washing, pulping and drying. What a beautiful sight to see millions of MauiGrown Coffee cherries. Above we see cacao and the lovely Piliani Kope Farm where coffee is hand picked just as it is done in Kona for a hundred years. Greg Stille, President of Maui Coffee Association and The Hawaii Coffee Association, shows us the next node where a coffee cherry will bud on the tree. The land is rich in diversity and life. We’d love to share this with you…   ~ Marilyn   Marilyn Jansen Lopes…

MauiGrown Coffee at Ka`anapali

The famed Maui Mokka, Red Catuai (Cat-Y-ee), and Yellow Caturra We’ll be sampling these coffee cherries on the farm tour at K`aanapali Fresh “A Culinary Experience” Saturday September 1, 9 AM- 12PM I’ll be giving the history of coffee from its origin in Ethiopia and migration to Yemen where it was first cultivated over a thousand years ago. Do you know how coffee was discovered?   That’s Jeff Ferguson above pictured next to a coffee harvester. It’s amazing how the rods spin among the coffee branches to shake the cherries loose where they fall into a hopper and an elevator takes them to the top to be transported by trailer to the mill. It’s an amazing story of betrayal, love and legends that have been made about whole crops being destroyed and a single plant creating the future plants of…

MauiGrown Coffee Kaanapali Roast

Getting ready to share Kaanapali’s Agricultural Beauty at #KFreshMaui on Saturday, September 1, 2012 9-Noon We’re hosting the Farm tour for 50 people, mostly media persons who have come to write about the Ka’anapali Fresh Culinary Event. James “Kimo” Falconer is responsible for resurrecting the farm and establishing the brand “MauiGrown Coffee” in 2003. He’ll be on the farm to meet everyone on the tour. Can’t wait to get Into the field and see the coffee trees ripe for harvest. We’ll be sampling coffee cherries in the Maui Mokka section of the Kaanapali Coffee Estates. Maui Mokka is gaining world wide recognition. These are coffees packaged and ready to ship at the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store in Lahaina by the famous Old Pioneer Mill Smokestack. There are four types of coffee grown on the 500 acre coffee estate. Red Catuai,…

Maui Coffee is happening!

  I know it’s been a while but here we are with a beautiful visual of our recent West Maui Coffee Tour. I was asked by Stephanie Hua of @lickmyspoon to share our West Maui Coffee Tour. She was here for the Kapalua Food and Wine festival and she will feature us on her blog….