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We Love Personalized Tours

On a recent Maui Country Farm Tour, one of our guests decided to change the plan (in the middle of the tour). Talk about special requests! Luckily it was a private tour for just the man and his wife.

We had visited the old town of Paia, discussing the highlights and history of the town, including the Paia Sugar Mill built in 1880, the 1930 fire which burned half the town down, and the tsunami in 1946 which wiped out the town again.  Today it is a town of chic boutiques, wonderful restaurants and colorful displays of our mixed plate cosmopolitan population on Maui. People say they love to hear about the old days of Hawaii which brings the culture to life.

They loved Ho`okipa where the surf was happening. We departed through Haiku to avoid a traffic jam caused by the road work back in Paia.

On through Pineapple country where my husband Rick grew up in the camp they seemed to enjoy the History of  Hali`i Maile and actually seeing how pineapples grow in the field from slip to maturity. I love to discuss the fact that Pineapple is in the bromeliad family and is the only terrestrial. (earth plant)

They were amazed how different Up-Country is compared to the tourist locations of busy Lahaina and thought it nice to experience where locals live.  This was an all day tour so we strolled the grounds of Maui’s Winery and Ulupalakua Ranch Store leisurely before entering the Wine Tasting Room. I  give part of the history of the winery before arriving to Ulupalakua and tell the story as we walk beneath the one hundred and fifty year old trees planted by Captain James Makee during his ownership of the ranch from 1856-1886. At that time it was called Rose Ranch named for his wife’s abundant roses and gardens she created.

Maui's Winery

We enjoyed our delicious sandwiches prepared by Whole Foods Kahului and fresh local watermelon and papayas under the Camphor tree then headed back towards Kula Country Farms and Ali`i Kula Lavender Farm. We stop for photos above magnificent Ulupalakua and point out our guests’ hotel in Wailea. They love the landscape and who wouldn’t. It’s so peaceful up here. I tell them how the whales come to give birth to their babies in the marine sanctuary below surrounded by three islands. One of the reasons I love Maui the best is because of the unique beauty on the south side where we are so closely surrounded by islands in the distance.  We are able to see the vineyards planted below the Kula Highway. Scenic West Maui, Kahoolawe, Molokini and  Lanai appear almost touchable.


                                                        Kula Country Farms is turning orange now with all the pumpkins.

Upon arrival to the Lavender Farm I order the Lavender tea and scones for my guests to enjoy on the lanai overlooking beautiful AKL Maui and the wonderful view from 4,000 ft. elevation.

My guest decides that his knees were a little sore so he would rather just “hang out” with my husband Rick and drink tea while his wife and I joined another group for the walking tour. “Okay”, I said, “sure, it’s a wonderful place to just hang out.” I love to do that myself time and time again sipping my tea and eating a lavender brownie. The energy at the Lavender farm is amazing. It truly is condusive to relaxation.


We loved our walking tour with Harrison which lasted about 45 minutes this time. I’m always photographing the Proteas and lavender and the view as it changes day to day with different light. Now I love to use iPhone apps and Nikon D-60, and started using Instagram to post immediately to Twitter and Facebook. I love spreading the word about  Maui’s agricultural beauty.

Silver Leaf Protea has no flowers.

                                            The Giant Protea takes weeks to open. They have been on earth since Pre-historic times.

When  we reached the Lavender gift boutique I found out that my guest had talked my husband into changing the next stop. This meant  I had to call the next farm and let them know that we wouldn’t be coming as planned. I hadn’t experienced this before but we’re flexible and eager to serve so in a heart beat we decided to share the sugar cane on Maui. We do have the last working mill in the State of Hawaii. People love to hear about the original cane growing history so we took our guests to the heart of Pu`unene Sugar Mill and visited The Sugar Museum. No photography is allowed inside the museum so I’ll tell you a litttle bit about it. Immediately upon entering you get a feel of old Maui. I love it. The doorknobs to the bathrooms are glass. The house is very old. At each turn of the exhibits you experience what life was like in the old days of the original cane workers of Maui.

So the tour turned out very nice for our guests from California. They really enjoyed the Sugar Museum and commented that Rick was “A Good ol’ boy.”

That’s my Local Boy.  Just like Maui No Ka Oi (The Best)

If you’d like to learn about Maui’s agricultural beauty and get a PERSONALIZED tour, please call us at 808 283-9131

We’ll take excellent care of you…

~ Marilyn