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A Day at O’o Farms

Last week we took our guests to O’o Farm for their wonderful farm to table tour and lunch. We were met at the bottom of the hill by the amazing Richard Clark who planted everything on the farm. They grow everything from coffee, artichokes, asparagus, Chinese greens, lettuces, chard, cucumber, herbs, heirloom tomatoes, lemon hot chili peppers, cilantro, kohlrabi, nasturtiums, raspberry, strawberries, wild pohaberry, figs, kaffir limes and more. It’s an amazing experience to be surrounded by a working farm in such beautiful order.


He was sophisticated, intelligent and passionate about the farm which is owned by Pacific O and I’o Restaurant in Lahaina.


This basket of greens and red leaf lettuce, Chinese peppery greens, carrots, society garlic chives is ready to be delivered to Chef JJ for our lunch. JJ had prepared tofu that had been seared and sautéed for ninety minutes and a mahi mahi dish with veggies from the farm. I tasted chard among them. The most beautiful salad was served as well as rainbow beets, kohlrabi and Chayote all sliced on a mandolin. Some guests brought their own bottles of wine which gave a nice touch. Fresh ciabatta loaves were sliced. Cold water was served from chilled stainless pitchers into stemware making the simply elegant meal complete.


Distinct flavors of each green including a touch of sorrel were enhanced by a simple olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.


Look at our beautiful plate. I was so impressed when I saw the long bare wooden slab table with white plates and brown linen napkins folded elegantly on top each plate. It’s a country setting done in style. We mingled with up to thirty guests on this Wednesday. Richard Clark gathered the plates so graciously when we were finished. Then as Chef JJ was finishing up the hand rolled truffles and sprinkling with black lava sea salt, Richard prepared fresh O’o Farm grown coffee, French Press style in the little coffee shack above the dining area. It was country elegance…


The savory sweet truffles were divine with fresh O’o Farm coffee.


It was a wonderful experience, rich in beauty and inspiration about the land and sustainable living.
I look forward to seeing Richard Clark again very soon. Thank you for the wonderful day. Anyone can go on their own to O’o Farms by making a reservation for Monday through Thursday.


If you’d like to be taken on a tour of O’o Farm and Aina Lani Farm call me to schedule your personalized tour. ~ Marilyn


Marilyn Jansen Lopes
808 283-9131
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